Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blue Monkey

(William Fruet, 1987)
The first thing to note about this goofy movie is that it looks like a TV show. It is composed and conceived very small. This is a disorienting thing in a movie about a giant mutant insect terrorizing a "Love Boat"-like hospital with a salad of Canadian performers doing their shtick - whoops, there's Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke! Here comes expert etymologist Ron Lake from the Snuggles commercials! And the dead giveaway, Steve Railsback. Why does the flower-borne plague suddenly stop asserting its prerogative a half hour into the movie? Why oh why does everyone stand around staring at the thing that wants to kill them? Oh well - it has all the atmosphere of Street Legal, but I suppose I should relax and let goofy be goofy.

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