Saturday, April 30, 2011

Autumn Born

(Lloyd A. Simandi, 1979)
This raises the bar - for the rest of the project the big question became, "Is this the VERY worst Canadian film?" (Answer: astonishingly, no.) Even if Dorothy Stratten wasn't long murdered, it would be revolting to watch her put through these punishing paces, as a carefree heiress who is sent to some kind of mind-control school where she's locked in the cellar, whipped, smacked around and manipulated until she's docile and compliant. For one thing, at this date she has no business being forced to act - she's really bad. For another thing...well, the Canadian Cinematic Vampire has stolen off with any potential for energy or camp the project might have held, leaving us with a turgid, creepy, porny lump that is comically endless, stiff as a rod, and completely bereft of point - unless the point is to pull a Clockwork Orange jobber on people who like looking at pretty naked women.

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