Saturday, April 30, 2011

All In Good Taste

(Anthony Kramreither, 1983)
Kramreither did more producing than directing, and in case the question of 'why' was eating at your guts...this one is a proud exemplar of the Art Is Bunk school of taxshelterology: a fellow wanting to make a film exposing the injustices of 'child placement agencies' is frustrated at every turn by producers who want him to make a movie about strippers. Who writes this stuff? For the final half-hour, the answer is 'nobody', as the putative narrative turns into a totally plotless stripper montage/travelogue - London! Vienna! Rio! Tokyo! Freelton! (Freelton?!) - interrupted with very occasional dumcracks from the guy (Harvey Atkin) who these days is voicing the Bell Sympatico beaver. So why is Jim Carrey's mug on the front cover? Ah but that would be telling.

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