Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome to my movie blog!

Hello and thanks for dropping by. Here you will see my very personal opinions on whatever movies come my way - old or new, classy or trashy, narrative, experimental or documentary - but especially narrative, because that, as they say, is how I roll.

I started writing movie reviews in earnest about three years ago, when some serious body issues prevented me from doing much BUT watch movies - especially random old VHS tapes acquired at various Niagara Region flea markets. I'm better now, but the fetish continues, and there's still lots of tapes to watch.

I also publish many of my views to imdb and will continue to compile these mini-reviews in an annual zine, Cinertia, which is available from Microcosm Publishing. And I contribute to other web and print zines such as Eclectic Screening Room and So Bad It's Good. I'll keep you posted on these and other doings in between the critical pronouncements. You'll get to know me quick enough - I hope you discover some new titles and are inspired to think about some familiar ones.

Comments welcome for now, although I stand on guard for trolls!

Let the games begin.

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