Friday, May 20, 2011

Gainsaying myself - the dump

Anyone out there? As I mentioned earlier, the enormous dump of posts below - listed alphabetically and culled from my secret personal blog, where this project began - are provided as a kind of apology for the lull in my current reviewing activity - a lull which will continue for another couple months. Please read them with patience; if you have arguments with them, don't worry - so do I. Having been written at the very beginning of my rapprochement with Canadian cinema, I find many of these reviews embarrassingly inaccurate, glib, misinformed, and incomplete. And prolonged exposure seems to have moved around my good/bad goalposts as well - I am increasingly sensitive to the 'cultural' cop in my head. As I gradually return to the writing half of this Herculean engagement, I expect many of these to be revised substantially. Anyway, they'll still help you kill some time.

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