Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heathcliff: The Movie

(Bruno Bianchi, 1986)
John Kricfaluci is one-fifth of the animation team, which might provide a cynical explanation for why one-fifth of the jokes aren't corny. Those are mainly in the reaction and timing department - the only piece of verbal humour I laughed at was the "Beefcliff's the Meatfodder" routine. It's nice to have Mel Blanc on lead voice, but as character trademarks go, Heathcliff's goofy nyuk is no "What's Up, Doc", and it's laid on with a trowel - thus increasing the monotony factor of this anthology-with-weak-wraparound type film, seven discontinuous television episodes that show some attitude but don't pull through in the specifics, such as humour.

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